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Partner Agency Benefits and Criteria

United Way partner agencies enjoy many benefits including:

  1. Funding.  The United Way of Southeast Alaska allows donors to designate gifts directly to our partner agencies.  In addition, we encourage undesignated gifts that fund our Community Impact Grants program.  In 2012, we awarded $27,000 in grants to support vital programs and services in Southeast Alaska.
  2. Enhanced Credibility.  United Way of Southeast Alaska donors know that our partner agencies have been reviewed by a volunteer team of CPAs and financial experts and meet our standards of excellence.  At United Way of Southeast Alaska, we stand behind our partner agencies.
  3. Publicity and Awareness.  United Way of Southeast Alaska partner agencies are included in campaign materials and publicity that helps build community awareness of each agency’s role and impact in our communities.
  4. Networking.  United Way of Southeast Alaska partner agencies participate in the Nonprofit Leadership Council (in Juneau or by teleconference in the region), a group of agency leaders that meets regularly to work on collaborative projects, share information, obtain professional development and provide mutual support.  In addition, we convene groups dedicated to community initiatives in the areas of health, income stability, and education as well as provide information by email that may be of interest such as grants, trends or new regulations.
  5. Resource Development.  United Way of Southeast Alaska partner agencies benefit from our community-building activities such as: community research, special grants, Day of Caring events, volunteer development and referrals, collaborative grant writing, and other partnership activities that leverage resources and results.

Agencies seeking partner agency status with United Way of Southeast Alaska must meet the following conditions:

  1. Be incorporated, not-for-profit and IRS tax exempt.  Agencies receiving United Way dollars must be not-for-profit organizations that have been declared tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service and have a 501(c)3 status and had that status affirmed within the past two years.
  2. Provide community services based on documented needs. The agency/program should provide health, education and/or social services that address an identifiable current need or issue in the community within Southeast Alaska. 
  3. Affirm a non-discrimination policy.  United Way agencies must have an up-to-date non-discrimination policy.  United Way prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability or religion. 
  4. Establish and maintain a counterterrorism policy.  United Way agencies must meet the federal guidelines for a counterterrorism policy.
  5. Maintain active, rotating volunteer leadership that represents the diversity of Southeast Alaska.  The agency’s Board of Directors or governing body should consist of volunteers who participate in the policy making processes, strive to represent the diverse elements of the community, recruit new members on a planned basis, and meet at least quarterly.
  6. Practice sound financial and program management.  It is critical that United Way partner agencies demonstrate the ability to manage their programs and services in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, found in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Guide.  The agency must provide copies of its annual budget, Tax Returns, and audit or independent financial review prepared by an independent certified public accountant or accounting firm.  The agency must also practice sound outcome measurements and report these statistics annually.  
  7. Have a local presence in Southeast Alaska.  Any agency applying for United Way funds that has a national or state charter must have a local chapter/program, a local board with fiduciary responsibility, and a visible presence in Southeast Alaska in order to be eligible for United Way funding.

For more information about becoming a partner agency, please contact United Way of Southeast Alaska at (907) 463-5530 or