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Brian Weed- The Lost Rocker Mine

United Way of Southeast Alaska is pleased to announce Brian Weed as the guest of honor joining this year’s Cruise for a Cause. Brian Weed was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. After attempting to leave Juneau several times in search for different jobs, Brian seemed to always find himself returning home due to his love for the outdoors and the rich history that is hidden within Juneau's forests.

As a true Alaskan explorer, Brian began his expeditions at just 10 years old having explored all of the Treadwell area. At the age 11, he entered his first mine using only a lighter and a very weak lumen flashlight to navigate his way through the tunnel. With his newfound passion for exploring at an early age, the Alaskan explorer now amateur geologist, spelunker, local historian, and co-founder of the largest hiking club in Alaska (Juneau's Hidden History),* Brain can attest to having explored over hundreds of mines, old ghost towns, and forgotten places all over Alaska while unraveling the history and stories behind his explorations and findings.  

Join United Way’s Cruise for a Cause as Brian tells the story about the first major gold "find" in Alaska, a local legend. The Lost Rocker Mine is a  story that will be a mix of fiction, facts, and rumors about Fred Culver and his legendary gold strike in 1867 and the quest to rediscover the lost location.

*Click on the text "Juneau's Hidden History" to view the Hiking Club's Facebook Page.

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