General COVID Information

General COVID Information

This is a collection of local updates around our Southeast Alaska communities. If you do not see your community represented, no official guidance has been issued at this time. Expect  frequent updates as the situation is changing rapidly.


If you or someone you know is in need of a mask they can be purchased or requested at:

Rain Tree Quilting  for $7.99 or call them at (907) 789-7900.

Materials to make masks can also be ordered by calling the above number.


You can also click HERE to get connected with local Southeast Alaskans working hard to mask our community. 

If you're not currently in need of a mask but you are able to help in the efforts in making masks click HERE to register to help your SE communities and neighbors by sewing masks.  


To join the  Southeast Alaska Mask Making Group on Facebook

click the link below: 

Masks for Juneau People , SE, & Beyond