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Reading Tutor Application Process

Thank you for interest in becoming a Reading Tutor.  With only 30  minutes, 1-2 times a week, not only is
it a reward in itself but also to a small child and the impact it will have on their future.

To get started, you will need to sign up as a volunteer via the Juneau School District Website. If you dont
already have an account, you will neeed to set one up as the online JSD application will take about 30-60
minutes to complete. By creating an account, this allows you to complete the application at different times,
on different days
, for up to 25 days.

Once the application has been completed and suibmitted, email the Reading Tutor Coordinator, Marie
Stevens, to let her know you have applied so she can track the progress of your application as it can take up
to two weeks for the school district to process. Once you recieve the confirmation email from JSD, forward
a copy to so she can coordinate with your school of choice to get you
scheduled and matched with a k-2 student.

Look to the links below to start your application and other application resourses. Again, thank you for
volunteering! We will have you in the schools in no time!  

Application Resources