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Pick Click Give

Hello Alaska,

It is time to file for your PFD! And when you do, don't forget that you can choose to Pick.Click.Give a portion of your PFD to a non-profit of your choice. 

Check out more information on the Pick Click Give Website

By supporting local non-profits, you are helping to create a vibrant, diverse, and community focused Alaska. Pick Click Give is a way for each individual Alaskan to combine their gift with that of thousands of others, creating quite the economic impact across our state. The money generated through Pick Click Give is given to support Youth Programs, Arts, Emergency Programs, Foundations, Shelters, Animal Rescue organizations and so much more. 

While we would of course be honored if you wished to make a contribution to United Way of Southeast Alaska, we encourage you to give where your heart calls you to give. 

When we all give a little, we are collectively giving a lot. That is what it means to Live United!

Click here to file for your PFD!