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Born Learning

The early years in a child’s life are the most important, so how do parents encourage early
learning and when do parents find the time to prepare for success in school?

With many communities concerned about the increasing number of children coming to school
unprepared 30% of Southeast Alaska children enter kindergarten without possessing the
basic literacy fundamentals necessary to learn United Way of America partnered with the Ad
Council, Civitas, and Families & Work Institute to create Born Learning. An innovative public
engagement campaign that helps parents, caregivers and communities create quality early
learning opportunities for young children.


Born Learning Goals

  • Awareness: Providing information about how children learn with nationwide public
    service announcements –
    television, radio, print ads, billboards – in both English
    and Spanish. These PSAs communicate that everyday moments can easily be turned
    into quality early learning opportunities for children.

  • Education: Providing easy, fun educational materials that parents, grandparents and
    caregivers can use everyday to help children succeed in school.
    These materials not
    only benefit a child success in learning but also the moments that parents are able to take
    advantage of when spending time with their child.
  • Action: Providing a visible platform for public policy and action. United Way of Southeast
    Alaska supports mobilization efforts that help our communities in early learning by providing
    tools, templates and training.


United Way of Southeast Alaska's goal is to make long-lasting community change by
inspiring everyone to make the best possible decisions that will boost school readiness
for all children.

Encourage Early Learning Now...