Spring Update: Local Frequency App

As of the beginning of March, the Local Frequency app had grown to over 1,400 users supporting nine local nonprofits, including the United Way of Southeast Alaska! These users are locally-minded people who understand the importance of buying local, and they are rewarded with Local Dollars earned using the app as well as offers by businesses. One example is Wolfsong Wellness, which offers 20% back on your next purchase when you spend a cumulative total of $500 with them.

The Local Frequency app’s “Local Change” feature also allows users to round up their purchases to donate to their favorite nonprofits while earning rewards for shopping at locally-owned businesses.

Download the free app and get started rounding up your purchases and earning rewards today!

How to Help Local Frequency Grow

Business Referal Bonus

If you refer a business and they join, both you and the new business will have your transaction fees covered for one month. 

New User Push - Seeking Teams to Volunteer

Juneau has several clubs and sports teams that look for fundraising opportunities. To support local youth programs, JEDC will offer donations to local sports/activities that have students give their time to help promote the Local Frequency program. JEDC will make a donation based on each hour of support (by one or two students at a time) to help promote The Local Frequency by visiting our participating locations and pass out information cards about The Local Frequency to customers (during shifts of one or two hours).