Partner Toolkit 2020-2021

Hello to all of our partner agencies! This page has been specially designed for you to use when you're looking to promote your agencies as a United Way Partner.

Below we have provided some information and guidelines to help you be an ACTIVE PARTNER. Please check out each link below and feel free to contact us with any questions!

We encourage our partner agencies to actively participate in the annual campaign effort. That means conduct an employee campaign, speak with your board members about encouraging their friends and neighbors to participate in the campaign, and have your staff participate in campaign presentations throughout the campaign process. Encourage them to designate to your agency when making a pledge.

Include campaign information in your newsletters, E-News, on you website and on your Facebook pages. Make sure to mention in all media that you are a United Way Partner Agency.

Share the information when you are on the radio for any event or promotion.

Include the United Way Partner Agency logo in all printed materials, including ads, annual reports, flyers, letterhead and when doing an on screen ad at the movie theater.

Include the United Way Partner Agency logo on your website and use it in all your social media applications. Be proud to let people know you are a United Way Partner Agency.

While many may want to support your organization, for any number of reasons, they do not participate in your fund raising events and activities. The work place giving campaign is a great way to engage those potential supporters and encourage them to give. A small amount each pay period can make a significant difference to an organization over a year’s time.

Please make a commitment to help us grow the workplace campaign and grow the funds designated to your agency.

With your support, we can grow the campaign and the important support for the mission and work of your organization.

Run an Internal Campaign

As a United Way of Southeast Alaska partner, your organization is encouraged to run an internal workplace giving campaign to provide your employees the opportunity to give to the causes they care about. Employee participation is alway voluntary.

Our campaign staff is here to help you, and you can find resources and more information about how to run a workplace campaign below.

Use of the United Way of Southeast Alaska Brand

Tell the community that you are a United Way Partner Agency, one of the most valued brands in the world! The use of the United Way of Southeast Alaska brand is more than just a requirement of partnership; it's a mark of distinction. The more we get the United Way of Southeast Alaska name out in the community, the more people will identify the name with good work. That provides mutually beneficial results for both United Way of Southeast Alsaka and the partners within our network.

The Partner Agency logo should be displayed on ALL of the following items and be clearly visible:

  • Website
  • Brochures and promotional materials
  • Newsletters and e-newsletters
  • Entrance to all facilities (If you need a cling sticker please let us know!)
  • Theses graphics can be used online, for basic Word documents, and printed materials. They are also suitable for signage and other large documents or professional print materials.
  • Please find the CORRECT versions of United Way of Southeast Alaska logos below.

In addition, we have included a multitude of other resources to get you started!


Digital Media Resources

Partner Materials

Partner Resources

United Way of Southeast Alaska wants to encourage a fun, motivational and successful partner relationship. We hope to provide your organization with the materials need. If you have any questions, please contact United Way of Southeast Alaska at (907) 463-5530 or e-mail